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Welcome to my website!

Before my love of photography began, there were stories...and I cannot remember a time when I wasn't preoccupied with books; adventurers, chivalrous heroes and beautiful heroines all captured my imagination invoking thousands of images. It was an obvious choice therefore for me to pursue a degree in English Literature, allowing me three years to submerse myself in words, ideas and stories. My love of photography was slow growing, and somewhat taken for granted until it was deep-rooted. I’m not at all unique in saying that some of my most treasured possessions in life are photographs. Most people would say that in a burning building situation - the one thing they would want to rescue (usually after family members!) is a photograph or a photo album.

The age we live in is fast paced, vibrant and multi-sensory, we are bombarded with images minute by minute and yet a simple photograph still has the power to capture our imaginations and to stop us in our tracks with the remembrance of a single moment. At the age of 12, I was given my first film camera as a birthday present, and after my Dad had shown me how to load the film I abandoned the celebrations to arrange and photograph my presents, I snapped my birthday cake before it was demolished and took candid shots of my friends and family, haphazardly trying to cram into the frame all the important details that I desperately wanted to record. Waiting for the film to be developed was always the painful part and the anticipation of collecting my prints was such that I would not be able to resist a furtive peak through the collection on my way out of the shop. I would pore over the pictures again and again, usually despairing over the lack of light or blurriness of the shot, nevertheless they were my treasures. Over time this excitement has increased and thanks to digital photography my pictures improved!  I have spent increasingly more and more time taking photographs and developing my knowledge; this will be a lifelong process that I happily undertake.

It was a natural progression in some ways linking my love of stories and romance with my love of wedding photography. I am, I suppose, a hopeless romantic and therefore everything about weddings appeals to me. In the same way that I felt a burning need to capture every part of my birthday on film, I am overtaken at weddings with the need to record. I believe it is true that “the camera has power beyond the photographer to record the emotion that only the heart can see”(Joan Bauer) and it is this power that captivates myself as the photographer and us all as viewers. There is no greater privilege than being allowed to document the life stories of others, my camera provides a doorway to your world and through it I view your most precious moments and in turn freeze those moments for you to enjoy and wonder at in years to come.


Thank you for viewing my images and taking the time to look at my site, maybe our stories will merge at some point… I look forward to that possibility!